DELTA TECH INDUSTRIES 3088 Series 3.5" HID Fog Light Kit for JEEP JK and JL with Plastic Bumper (PAIR)

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DELTA 3088 Series is a waterproof adjustable 3.5" Fascia Fog Light. This version of the light is designed to fit JEEP JK or JL with plastic bumper. This light is a direct retrofit replacement of under-powered factory JEEP fog lights. These DELTA OEM lights feature optically engineered light distribution with a vertically adjustable reflector to allow for a variable angle adjustment. This allows for perfect aiming regardless of the vehicles ride height. The IP65 waterproof design also has a one-way air valve. They are SAE and ECE compliant. This light uses H11 bulbs for easy plug-n-play replacement of the OEM factory fog lights. From 2007-2011 JK used H11, the included plug type. From 2011-present Jeep switched the plugs, an adapter is included for these models. In most cases these fog lights will provide more light power than your headlights. This set uses 35W HID burners with individual ballasts each producing up to 3500 Lumens of light power at 6000 Kelvin. In the box; 2 (ea) Fog Light Assemblies, 2 (ea) H11 HID Burners (35W, 3A), 2 (ea) HID Ballasts, 2 (ea) Adapters