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3M Betafine PPG Series Filter Cartridge, PPG060B03BA, 30 in, 0.6 um ABS, 226/Spear, Silicone, 6/case 9663 Industrial 3M Products & Supplies

Sold As: 6-Pack
SKU: 7000029323
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UPC: 00016145096631
3M ID: 70020073741
5 Digit UPC: 9663
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
$5,083.60 ($847.27 / Count)
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Our Polypropylene pleated graded-density filter cartridges featuring APT Construction for Extended Filter Lifetime 3M Purification??? Betafine PBG Series filter cartridge, formerly known as PolyPro XL, represents a major advance in pleated polypropylene filter design and performance.

Extra Details

  • 100% integrity tested versions available ??pre-qualification and assurance in critical applications. Suitable for final filtration in many applications
  • Absolute-rated filter performance ??consistent and reproducible contaminant removal. Higher product quality and yields
  • Advanced Pleat Technology construction for extremely high surface area ??higher product throughputs for extraordinarily long service life. Lower total filtration operating costs. Lower pressure drops for higher flow rates
  • Graded-density multi-layer filter media ??selective entrapment of contaminant throughout the filter media to maximise filter life. Higher contaminant holding capacity
  • Polypropylene cartridge components free of adhesives and surfactants ??very low extractable levels for optimum filtrate purity. Broad chemical compatibility for most aggressive process applications
  • Robust polypropylene cartridge construction ??extends service life and compatible with a wide range of solvents and cleaning solutions

Data Sheet

  1. Safety Data Sheet

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