3M EZ Sand Flexible Parts Repair, 05895, 5 oz Tubes, 6 kits per case

Minimum Ordered Quantity: 6

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Our 3M EZ Sand Flexible Parts Repair Material is a ready-to-use 2-part epoxy finishing adhesive material that dries to a flexible hardness, ideal for repairing plastic parts such as bumper covers and body panels. It applies easily from a 3M applicator gun mixing nozzle, with no pre-mixing or measuring. It is quickly sandable for excellent featheredge, and paintable in as little as 30 minutes.
  • SKU: 60980109239
  • Weight: 1.08
  • MPN: 5895
  • 3m ID: 60980109239
  • UPC: 51131058958
  • 5 Digit UPC: 5895
  • List Price: $57.97
  • Size: 5 oz Tubes
  • Brand Name: 3M