DELTA TECH INDUSTRIES UVC Light Sanitizer for vehicle compartment

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UV Sanitizer Light for automobiles. The UV Sanitizer adopts a new type of UVC technology, using UV disinfection light to attack and destroy the molecular DNA / RNA structure of most bacteria and viruses. The ultraviolet light operates within the most effective bacteria kill wavelength range of 240- 280 nm. The sanitizer can be easily installed on any car air-vent with the use of the strong magnet clip which allows for easy removal and charging of the unit with the USB cord. The unit provides sterilization for up to 4 hours on a single charge. The sterilization or irradiation process is most effective when used in areas of air circulation such as air-vent. Usually, it takes around 15 minutes to completely sterilize an average vehicle compartment using just two units. The Sanitizer is equipped with the UVC LED chips 2835 at the most effective wavelength of 395nm while the 3838 chips will be most effective wavelength of 275nm.