DELTA TECH INDUSTRIES 7" LED Headlights with Blinker HALOs & City Lights (PAIR)

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7"" Amber Blinker Halo LED Headlight Kit with LED DRL lights

The 1159 series has additional pop and style that will make people stop and notice your ride. They have a mini bulb mounted through the reflector just below the main headlight lamp. Referred to as City Lights, Mini Lights, or Mood Lights. They can be tapped in with daytime running lights, parking lights, turn signals, etc.. Wiring harness is not included but is available. Alternatively use any standard 16-gauge wire to ground one lead to the frame and tap the hot lead as desired.

Lead-crystal glass lens does not oxidize, become hazy or accumulate film, like plastic lenses. Added lead enhances glass strength. Prismatic lens provides superior photo-metric light distribution. Four phase vacuum metalizing process improves reflection 4 to 1 next to stock. LED assembly protected by high-density silicone rubber boot with venting to guard against dirt and moisture.

LED unit is dual function Hi/Lo Beam. Produces 4,000 lumens of light power at 6,000 kelvin color temperature Rated for 22,000 operating hours using 25 watts and only 2-amp draw.

LED COB Amber Halo provides class and safety during daytime hours. Can be wired to either turn signal or daytime running light.

In the box; 2 (ea) Halo Headlight Assemblies, 2 (ea) H4 LEDs (25W 2A), 2 (ea) White LED City Lights with Sockets, 2 (ea) Halo Harness, 2 (ea) silicone boots

Replaces any standard 7-inch headlight that uses H6024 or 9003 Harness.