About Us

Strobels Supply, formerly known as Strobels Welding Inc., was a family business started in the 1940’s specializing in industrial distribution in the rail car industry. Norm Strobel and John Strobel were 2nd generation partners and owners of the company. In 2003 the welding business was sold, but the other manufacturers’ they represented remained on, and Strobels Welding Inc. became Strobels Supply Inc., under new management and new ownership. In 2010 Strobels Supply Inc. began to expand on its’ distribution parameters by opening up to the entire world with a retail website. We purchase materials from some of the most renown manufacturers’ in the world such as 3M, Axalta (formerly DuPont), Sika, Loctite, Dormer Starrett, and many more!

In 2012 Strobels Supply Inc., with its’ many years of experience and understanding of the transportation industry, began its’ production side of the business. Representing Axalta (formerly DuPont) paints for years, we began this division with the thought of offering the customer a one stop shop. We can provide the paint, as well as apply the paint, to the meet or exceed customer specifications on all metals, composites, or fiberglass. We also have ability to do light assembly work.

In 2014 Strobels Supply Inc. launched its’ new division, the Flooring division. Our flooring product is an impermeable paint sprayed on seamless coating for floors. With the help of Axalta and Precidium technologies we look for great things out of this division in the very near future. I have included the link www.axaltacs.com/us/en_US/products-services/liquid-coatings/precidium.html to our new product and please do not hesitate to call us to discuss. We are certified installers of the flooring as well!

Under new management and ownership, Strobels developed a worldwide presence, and has increased employment over the last 3 years from 5 employees to 25. We now service rail car companies across the country and in Canada, and have expanded on that to serve every facet of the transportation industry. Strobels has also expanded our services to multiple manufacturing industries such as airports, telecommunications, and oil and gas, just to name a few.

Here at Strobels Supply, we believe that we are just getting started!

If you have any questions regarding any division of Strobels Supply, please call us @ 607-385-3211.