What Are 3M Automotive Products Used For?

Successful collision repair shops use 3M automotive products throughout the world. Whether you're filling in dents and dings, sanding or painting, 3M has a wide selection of collision repair products to help you do the job right.

Our selection of 3M automotive products goes beyond sandpaper, masking tape, and other basics. We have 3M supplies for assembly plants, personal protective equipment, and power tools. Complete your next project with products ranging from safety and painting gear to assembly plant supplies and more.

Auto Body Repair

Sanding and painting aren't enough to repair serious auto body damage. Our lineup of 3M Collision Repair products includes body fillers and putties that you can use to repair damage that goes beyond the paint. If you're dealing with deep scratches that you can't get rid of, our compounds and polishes are an excellent solution. When it comes to improving efficiency in auto body repair, 3M products at Strobels Supply have you covered.

Prep and Painting

Painting — and all the prep work that goes with it — is one of the most painstaking parts of collision repair. If you want to improve efficiency when it comes to paint and paint finishing, 3M has the right paint tools for the job. Our lineup of 3M auto products includes everything you need for prep and painting, including:

  • Premium abrasives
  • Masking tape
  • Masking paper
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Paint spray equipment
  • Paint preparation systems
  • Paint finishing systems

If you're looking for an innovative solution that saves you time and money, check out the 3M Total Automotive Sanding System.


Our 3M automotive care solutions wouldn't be complete without safety products. Anyone with automotive industry experience knows how crucial safety is, which is why 3M also makes products like masks, earmuffs, and safety glasses. Before you start using automotive glues and paints, make sure you've got the proper 3M protective gear.

Assembly Plant Supplies

3M doesn't stop at the basics when it comes to automotive care solutions. Products like dust extraction systems and the Total Automotive Sanding System are excellent supplies for assembly plants. When you want to do tasks the right way without sacrificing efficiency, 3M has the equipment you need to operate an efficient assembly plant.

What Makes 3M Automotive Products a Trusted Brand?

Quality vehicles deserve quality care, which is why we're proud to carry 3M Collision Repair Products and Solutions. A commitment to quality has made 3M one of the biggest names across multiple automotive markets, from auto body repair to safety gear and more.

Whether you're operating an assembly plant or trying to maximize efficiency at a collision repair center, there's a good chance 3M makes several products that can help you out. Check out the selection of 3M automotive products at Strobels Supply to find what you need for your shop today.

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