DELTA TECH INDUSTRIES Classic 5 ¾" High Beam LED Headlight Kit (PAIR)

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Classic 5 ¾"" Universal High Beam LED Headlight Kit

ECE certified with 4,000LM, 25W, 6,000k L.E.D. systems. 4,000 lumen LEDs rated for 22,000 operating hours or 20 years of average use.

The 1129 series is High-Beam only. Features a classic convex prismatic lens to match the look of the old sealed beam headlights. Perfect for restoration, muscle cars and hot-rods. The lead-crystal glass lens does not oxidize (become hazy or accumulate film) like plastic lenses. Added lead enhances glass strength. Prismatic optics in the lens provide superior photo-metric light distribution. Four phase vacuum metalizing process improves reflection 4 to 1 next to stock. LED assembly protected by high-density silicone boot with venting to guard against dirt and moisture.

In the box; 2 (ea) Headlight Assemblies, 2 (ea) H4 LEDs (25W 2amp), 2 (ea) Silicone Boots, 2 (ea) H4/ H1 (H5001) Adapters.

***Replaces any standard 5 3/4"" headlight that uses H1 (H5001) type harness.

***Tabbed mounting points may not match the bucket for all vehicles modification may be required.

***LED units include a heat-sink which adds ~0.75"" to the overall depth. Modification of the bucket may be necessary.