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3M 28659 BaII Bearing 66776

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5 Digit UPC: 66776
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
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3M Match and Finish Sander 28659 Replacement Parts keep your 3M Match and Finish Sander, model 28659, in top working condition. Refer to your tool instruction manual for parts list and schematic.

Keep Your 3M Match and Finish Sander Running Strong
3M Match and Finish Sander replacement parts are engineered specifically for your tool. All replacement parts meet the same specifications and the design criteria as the original components. You can be assured the new part will fit, form and function the same or better than the original part, which will get your power tool back in action.

Extra Details

  • Detailed schematics and parts lists in the tool instruction manual make it easy to identify the part you need
  • Parts are designed for 3M Match and Finish Sander 28659
  • Replacement parts are easy to find and order online 24/7 at 3M.com
  • Replacement parts from 3M will provide good as new performance after repair

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