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3M Cubitron II Stikit Film Roll 775L, 240+, 2-3/4 in x 50 yd, ASO, No Flex, Continuous Length - Spliced

Sold As: 8-Pack
SKU: 7100204409
MPN: 7100204409
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UPC: 00638060695111
3M ID: UU010328761
5 Digit UPC: 69511
Shelf Life: 3650 Days
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
$1,687.87 ($210.98 / Count)
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3M Cubitron II Stikit Film Roll 775L features 3M Precision Shaped Ceramic Grain, a revolutionary advancement in abrasive technology. The triangular shaped ceramic mineral is designed to slice through the substrate, rather than gouging or “plowing” like conventional abrasives, resulting in a product that cuts faster and lasts longer than conventional abrasives.

Ideal for a Broad Range of Stock Removal Applications
3M Cubitron II Stikit Film Roll 775L is ideal for a broad range of applications focused primarily on stock removal, and is effective on a wide variety of substrates, including metals, composites, gelcoat, and whitewood. The film backing offers greater tear resistance than paper, for additional durability and edge retention. For best results, pair with 3M Elite Random Orbital Sanders.

Stikit Attachment Makes Disc Changes Fast and Easy
These high-quality, coated abrasive products come ready to use with a pressure sensitive adhesive coating on the backside so that attaching them to your disc pad is as simple as pressing on a sticker. And because the adhesive is pressure sensitive, the disc can be peeled off of the disc pad just as easily, leaving a clean surface for your next disc. A Stikit disc must be pressed onto a Stikit backup pad (also called a disc pad and sold separately) that is attached to a disc sander, random orbital sander, or stationary disc sander.

Extra Details

  • Engineered to cut faster and last longer than conventional abrasives
  • Film backing for greater tear resistance and edge retention
  • Ideal for a wide variety of substrates and applications focused primarily on stock removal
  • Revolutionary 3M Precision Shaped Grain technology provides fast cut and long life
  • Stikit attachment makes disc changes fast and easy

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