3M Flange Adapter 3 45034, 5/8 in, 1 per case

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Our 3M Flange Adapters adapt a wheel with a 1 inch center hole to fit onto a tool with a shaft smaller than one inch. They can be used on many types of tools including bench grinders and die grinders, and adapts flap wheels, deburring wheels, unitized wheels or any wheel with a 1 inch center hole. We offer two types: a stamped metal Flange Adapter 3, or a telescoping Flange Adapter 5.
  • SKU: 7000120536
  • Weight: 2.13
  • 3m ID: 60988709394
  • UPC: 51144450343
  • 5 Digit UPC: 45034
  • Brand Name: 3M