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3M Microfinishing Film Belt 472L, 20 Mic 5MIL, Type E, 19/32 in x 53-5/32 in

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Shelf Life: 3650 Days
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
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3M Microfinishing Film Belt 472L was designed for superfinishing and powertrain microfinishing. This belt helps achieve uniform, consistent finishes on parts where close tolerances are important.

Built for Microfinishing
We designed the 3M Microfinishing Film Belt 472L to deliver uniform, consistent finishes on parts where a close tolerance finish is essential. Micron-graded silicon carbide mineral is ideal for finishing of metals, plastics, wood and various other substrates.

On flat parts, like die castings, and cylindrical or contoured workpieces such as auto parts — consistent and predictable finishes are key. 3M Microfinishing Film Belt 472L helps produce fine finishes and achieve close tolerances by way of a durable, uniform film backing and micron-graded mineral. Recommended applications are finishing on metals, plastic, wood and various other substrates.

Silicon Carbide Mineral and Polyester Backing
We engineer 3M Microfinishing Film Belt 472L by adhering micron-graded silicon carbide mineral to polyester film using a resin bond. Silicon carbide mineral is very hard and fractures easily, resulting in freshly exposed sharp edges that cut fast and produce a bright looking finish. While it wears faster than aluminum oxide, it produces a brighter finish. Belt 472L is available in a variety of grades, so operators can tailor the grade to their part.

The high-strength 5 mil polyester backing won’t yield or deflect when run, which is helpful when close tolerances are important. With a uniform backing the abrasive maintains consistent contact with the workpiece to maintain critical geometries.

Get Close to the Close Tolerance
Across industries, from transportation to heavy equipment, from general industrial to aerospace, professionals value part integrity and consistency. Combining the strength of a polyester film backing with the aggressive cutting qualities of micron-graded silicon carbide, 3M Microfinishing Film Belt 472L is a good match for workpieces that require precise and uniform cutting action.

Extra Details

  • High-strength 5 mil polyester backing won??? yield or deflect when run, contributing to aggressive cut
  • May be used on metal, plastic, wood and various other substrates
  • Micron-graded silicon carbide mineral cuts sharp and fast while producing extremely consistent, fine finishes
  • Open coat construction reduces loading to maintain consistent, sharp cut and extend disc life for greater productivity

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