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3M Resin Bond Diamond Wheels and Tools, 1A1 6-.5-.5-1.25 D100 637BI 39702

SKU: 7100193030
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UPC: 00638060397022
3M ID: 65300334904
5 Digit UPC: 39702
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
$404.60 each
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Our 3M Resin Bond Diamond Super Abrasive Wheel 637BI is a fast, free-cutting wheel developed to grind Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD), carbide, thermal spray coatings and other hard-to-grind materials. Our unique resin bond construction is designed to reduce or eliminate wheel conditioning altogether to simplify and improve processes and promote higher throughput.

Extra Details

  • Able to grind workpieces with multiple materials without performance degradation
  • Available in a wide range of grades, shapes and sizes
  • Diamond abrasive is consistent, fast-cutting and long-lasting and grinds steel substrates
  • Reduces debris in coolant, minimizing wear and tear on equipment and reducing the need for filtration
  • Unique bond construction reduces or eliminates wheel conditioning entirely for higher throughput in demanding applications

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