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3M Sanding Screen Sheet 483W, 80, 3 in x 3-1/2 in

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Shelf Life: 3650 Days
Country of Origin: Japan
Manufacturer: 3M
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3M Sanding Screen Sheet 483W employs fast-cutting, sharp silicon carbide mineral bonded to a durable screen cloth mesh. Extremely load-resistant, use it wet or dry for buffing and finishing both soft woods and metal surfaces.

Silicon Carbide Coated Abrasive Mesh
The unique characteristics of our 3M™ Sanding Screen Sheet 483W are its open mesh backing and its sharp, fast-cutting abrasive mineral.

Commonly called "drywall paper," our 3M™ Sanding Screen Sheet 483W offers extreme resistance to loading on soft woods, drywall and metal by utilizing an open-mesh cloth backing that keeps loading to a minimum and resists the friction and heat of continuous sanding. It is ideal for plaster, drywall and other substrates that would load conventional abrasives with the copious amount of fine, flourlike dust they generate.

A waterproof resin bond allows this sheet to be run in wet applications. The sheet comes in 6 grades from 60 to 180.

Silicon Carbide Coated Abrasive Mesh
A hard and brittle mineral, silicon carbide fractures easily, resulting in freshly exposed sharp edges that cut extra fast and produce a smooth, professional-looking finish. Silicon carbide products are commonly used for low-pressure applications such as paint prep and finishing on wood and metal. While it wears faster than aluminum oxide, it produces a superior finish.

Body in White: White Metal Repair Highlighting
Our 3M™ Sanding Screen Sheet 483W is frequently used in white metal repair operations. Car bodies that have been welded together typically have oily surfaces, so the open mesh backing on this abrasive is useful.

Stamping operations frequently leave imperfections on car panels. 3M screen cloth products are used to sand lightly on the car panels, causing high spots to shine a little brighter. The screen cloth works well because the oily surface does not load.

Extra Details

  • Can be run wet or dry
  • Ideal for drywall and white metal defect highlighting
  • Open screen backing offers extreme resistance to loading
  • Silicon carbide mineral cuts sharp, fast
  • Works best with light pressure

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