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3M SR Cutter No.8, 0.83 in x 1.015 in, 50/Carton, 250 ea/Case

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The 3M SR Cutter is a plastic rotary cutting tool with an attached 1/4"-28 male threaded metal mandrel for use on slow speed right angle drills. The SR Cutter works quickly and efficiently to peel off sealants or other thick coatings with minimal to no abrasion to the underlying base material, replacing tedious scraping by hand and messy chemical solvents.

A Great Alternative to Tedious Hand Scraping
We designed the 3M SR Cutter to save time and increase productivity for cleaning operations typical in the aerospace industry. Two different sizes are available to enable effective coating removal—No. 3 for flat surfaces and No. 8 for cleaning on and around rivets or other fasteners. The cylindrical blades work both horizontally and vertically against the workpiece to cut through sealants such as polysulfide, polythioether, polyurethane, RTV sealants and silicones. The plastic blades work effectively without the operator having to pause and resharpen them. The SR Cutter works fast and helps eliminate follow-up work for repainting or repairing damaged coatings.

Cleanly Replaces Chemical Solvents
Not only is the 3M SR Cutter a great alternative to hand scraping, but it works without the use of messy chemical solvents. It enables operators to remove sealants and residues immediately, without having to wait for chemicals to act or spending time and effort handling and cleaning up a hazardous mess. Your only waste is the sealant itself.

Using the 3M SR Cutter

  • No. 3 Cutter: For fillet seals and flat applications, place the No. 3 SR Cutter at head of sealant bead so that the side of cutter contacts the sealant. Apply firm pressure downward onto the sealant and use low rotational speed (throttle down on drill) to remove sealant from one spot without moving the drill back and forth. When the substrate is exposed, increase the rotational speed of the drill and move the tool along the strip of sealant, making sure that the cutter blades adjacent to the substrate rotate into the remaining sealant bead.

  • No. 8 Cutter: For fastener heads, be sure that the inner diameter of the No. 8 SR Cutter will completely fit over the head of the fastener. Place the cutter on top of the fastener with firm pressure. Using the drill throttle, run at low speed to cut away sealant from around the fastener. Remove the sealant by "jogging" the drill in a start-stop fashion several times—this prevents unwanted frictional heat that may degrade the sealant or blunt the cutter.

Extra Details

  • Cleans without chemical solvents, eliminating chemical mess and waste
  • Easy-to-use cutter attaches to a rotary tool to replace time-consuming hand scraping with metal scrapers that gouge the workpiece
  • Metal mandrel fits a right angle power tool
  • No. 3 cutter is for flat applications—its 0.4 diameter fits between rivets and into tight spaces
  • No. 8 cutter is 1 in diameter and has an internal cavity designed to fit directly over rivets or other protrusions for thorough cleaning
  • Primarily used in the aerospace industry
  • Removes sealants and coatings cleanly with minimal or no abrasion to underlying paints, primers or metal

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