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3M Zeta Plus LA Series Filter Cartridge 4580201A 50LA, 16 in, 1/case 97196 Industrial 3M Products & Supplies

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UPC: 00054007971962
3M ID: 70020304138
5 Digit UPC: 97196
Shelf Life: 1095 Days
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
Size: 16 in
$813.98 each
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We designed Zeta Plus LA Series Filter Cartridges for pharmaceutical manufacturing applications where the most stringent organic and inorganic extractables requirements exist. The cartridges have a reduced potential for yielding false positives in product endotoxin testing resulting from 1,3 beta-glucan interference in LAL (Endotoxin) assays due to aggressive extraction of the cellulose fibers.

Extra Details

  • Designed to have the lowest organic and inorganic extractable levels in the 3M depth filter portfolio
  • Filtration performance optimized to a broad range of fluid challenges
  • Full range of scalable filters enables predictable performance at every stage of drug development from early stage discovery to commercial production
  • Reduced potential of 1,3 beta-glucan interference in product endotoxin testing based on the use of aggressively extracted cellulose fibers
  • Stringent product extractable specifications are enabled by pre-extraction of both cellulose fiber and filter aid

Data Sheet

  1. Safety Data Sheet

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