Industrial Foam Tape at Strobel Supply

What Is Industrial-Strength Foam Tape?

Foam adhesive tape is an alternative fastening agent to mechanical options such as nuts and bolts. It offers excellent temperature resistance, can bond mismatched surfaces and different materials, and is simple to apply. Whatever your industrial needs, foam adhesives can be an ideal type of tape for the task at hand.

General-Purpose Foam Tape

The acrylic foam core helps 3M's general-purpose foam tape conform to surfaces, even curved ones. For mounting, double-sided tape is suitable for hanging pictures and low-weight objects. Double-sided mounting tapes are available in multiple widths as well as convenient pre-cut squares to fit any application. Polyethylene foam glazing tape is another all-purpose foam tape that offers a low-temperature application, resistance against chemicals, and is easily cut to fit.

VHB Tapes

When you need an ultra-strong, lasting hold that actually strengthens over time, look for 3M VHB Tape. VHB tape is great for a wide range of applications, and is appropriate for use in your home or factory. With the ability to bond different materials, such as ceramic surfaces to metal, VHB tape makes an excellent companion to the manufacturing process in any industry, from automotive to transportation to home repair. VHB tape is available in various widths and lengths in rolls as well as in an extrudable form with 3M's On Demand Bonding System.  

Acrylic Foam Tapes

Acrylic foam tapes provide an immediate, strong bond for static as well as dynamic forces, absorbing wind, shock, moisture, and other environmental factors. This type of foam tape is long-lasting, gaining strength over time. Pressure-sensitive foam tapes adhere immediately, but grow stronger as they cure over the days following application. The time it takes for full strength to be achieved depends on the type of tape you use. 

How Is Foam Tape Used?

There are countless ways to use foam tape, such as:

  • Bonding screen protectors to electronics

  • Applying gaskets to appliances like dryer doors

  • Providing heat resistance during the manufacturing process when your product has a limited temperature range

  • Eliminating bulky metal fasteners such as rivets and bolts that can rattle and unscrew during transport

  • Creating a seamless bond on any structure, such as to bond silicone surfaces

  • Mounting videography equipment for use in stormy conditions

Wholesale Pricing on Foam Tape at Strobel Supply

Save on the industry-leading bonding products your company needs with wholesale prices from Strobel Supply. Reach out to us to set up a corporate billing account for easy account management and cost-saving options. You can count on Strobel Supply to keep your production line up and running with fast shipping, within 3-5 days for in-stock items and within two weeks for special orders. 

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