Bonding Tapes: 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes

Ensure your projects stay together for the long-haul with 3M™ High Performance adhesives and tapes. Don't let a weak seal impact performance — when you need to overcome unexpected or standard assembly challenges — reach for pressure-sensitive adhesives in a range of individual tapes for any application.

What Is Bonding Adhesive Used For?

Depending on your industrial needs, individual tapes have different characteristics to solve your unique challenges. There's a variety of industrial applications for double-sided tape and other forms of adhesives and tapes. This includes bonding metal, plastic, concrete and cement, ABS, polycarbonate, ceramic, and other construction materials. If you need to seal a joint, increase the strength of a bond, provide a temporary hold, or mount a piece of your construction, then bonding adhesive or tape might be the right solution. 

In contrast to traditional screws and welding materials, adhesive tape offers a simple stick-and-press answer that doesn't require prep work such as drilling. Other applications for our adhesives and bonding tapes made with lighter materials include hanging insulation or soundproofing a room and protecting and insulating electrical projects.

What Material Is Used For Bonding?

Different jobs require different materials, so individual tapes use various materials to produce superior adhesive performance. For example, 3M Light Shielding tape uses an acrylic adhesive on a black PET film carrier to offer grip and block out unwanted light. 3M Dielectric tape is made with a similar acrylic adhesive, but designed for insulating electricity as well as lasting grip. 

While the world of adhesives and bonding materials is wide and diverse, pressure-sensitive adhesives are typically made with one of three adherent compounds; rubber, silicone, and acrylic. The adhesive itself is applied to either a stick-free kraft paper backing for easy removal of the adhesive, or the backing is part of the product, such as in the case of the aforementioned dielectric insulating tape by 3M. As you can see, there are various options to solve all of your industrial needs, ensuring you meet standards for both quality assurance purposes as well as customer expectations for look and ease of use. 

Bonding vs. Adhesive

Bonding is creating a permanent bond between two objects using a chemical attachment, such as by applying a resin solution. For dissimilar objects that can't be bonded using traditional methods, such as welding, applying an adhesive paste that permanently bonds to the surface of most objects is a great option. Acrylic adhesives provide a quick, long-lasting seal on difficult-to-bond surfaces including glass and oily metal. These adhesives can withstand impact, peel stress, extreme temperatures, and are available in low-odor and non-flammable classifications. 

An adhesive creates a temporary bond, but doesn't alter the composition of the object it's applied to. Antislip and grip adhesive tapes are one example, and office packaging tapes, including Scotch tape. The difference between bonding and adhesive tapes are strength and hold permanence.

Is Adhesive Bonding Permanent or Temporary?

Adhesive bonding tape comes in a range of strengths and application ratings. Depending on your adhesion needs, you can choose a tape made with polyurethane resin or a more durable acrylic version. 3M double-sided tape uses 3M Adhesive 300MP, a solvent-free acrylic adhesive suitable for securing nameplates, gaskets, and laminating other materials. These adhesives provide lasting hold, but can easily be removed with the proper adhesive solvent solution. You can also choose a bonding material with permanent holding power, depending on your needs. 

Offices Tapes, Packaging Tapes, and Antislip and Grip Tapes

3M has a range of bonding, mounting, and transfer tapes. At Strobel Supply, we sell over 1,000 different styles and variations, including made-to-order adhesive tapes. Tapes range in thickness, from 2-mil thin transfer tape to thicker 5.2-mil adhesive tape suitable for wet-out and superior adhesion, even on textured surfaces.

Strobel Industrial Supply Distribution and Liquid Paint Application

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