DELTA TECH INDUSTRIES OEM Roof Rack Combo-Beam LED Light Bar for Hummer H2/ SUT

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Delta designed and fabricated this unique aircraft aluminum light bar which installs over the existing Hummer H2 roof rails requiring no drilling. This Light bar allows for standard garage clearance. It is powered by six 100-Watt Delta LED lights. Each light produces 10,000 raw lumens of light power at near daylight 6,000 K crystal white color. Producing 60,000 Lumen it is the single most powerful Hummer light bar in the world. The reflectors in the light housings increase the total effective light power by 20%. It is also the most energy efficient Hummer light bar at 100 Lm/ Watt. The entire LED light system draws 50 Amps, so it won’t strain the electrical system. This Light Bar is Combo Beam. The four lights in the center are long range for distance. The two lights on the outside use prismatic optic lenses to provide wide angle light coverage. This bar is perfect for hummers that traverse windy mountain roads or handle tight corners, turns, or narrow roads. The bar comes with 6 Hi-Power LEDs, Light housings, Protective Covers, Mounting Feet, Security Key, OEM Harness, Switch and Relay. The lights and LEDs are fully serviceable and replacement parts are available. Compatible with 12V or 24V systems. MADE IN THE USA