DELTA TECH INDUSTRIES Quad-Bar™ Armored LED Headlights with Lens Defrost -JEEP JK (PAIR)

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Quad-Bar Polar LED Headlight Kit with Heating Element (Jeep JK) The ‘1198’ family features DELTAs Armor. Headlight protecting cross bars reinforce the lens from off-road rough housing. Lead-crystal glass lens does not oxidize, become hazy or accumulate film like plastic lenses. Added lead enhances glass strength. Prismatic lens provides superior photo-metric light distribution. Four phase vacuum metalizing process improves reflection 4 to 1 next to stock. LED assembly protected by high-density silicone boot with venting to guard against dirt and moisture. Polar line features a reflector mounted heating element to prevent frost from forming on the lens and obstructing the LED beam pattern. (LEDs generate little to no heat) LED units are dual function Hi/Lo Beam. Producing 4,000 lumens of light power at 6,000 kelvin color temperature. Rated for 22,000 operating hours at 25 watts with only 2-amp draw. In the box; 2 (ea) Headlight Assemblies, 2 (ea) H4 LEDs (25W, 2Amp), 2 (ea) Heating Elements, 2 (ea) Heat Element Wire Harness with thermostat, 2 (ea) Silicone Boots, 2 (ea) H4/ H13 Adapters ***May fit other vehicles with H13 type harness.