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Standard Abrasives A/O Spiral Band 703579, 1-1/2 in x 1-1/2 in 60, 100 ea/Case

Sold As: 100-Pack
SKU: 7010299522
MPN: 7010299522
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UPC: 00051115416835
3M ID: 66000125378
5 Digit UPC: 41683
Shelf Life: 3650 Days
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
Size: 1.5 in
Abrasive Material: Aluminum Oxide
Grit: 60
Color: Brown
$103.31 ($1.03 / Count)
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Standard Abrasives Aluminum Oxide Spiral Band is a tensile yet strong abrasive – great for light finishing, polishing, blending and deburring on both hard and soft metals.

Recommended Applications
Standard Abrasives™ Aluminum Oxide Spiral Band is the best product for polishing and blending flat surfaces and contours, because its spiral shape enables it to smoothly roll over these surfaces. The circular band rotates centrifugally as you move it around the workpiece and – given its small size – the abrasive can easily fit inside hard-to-reach areas. Standard Abrasives™ Aluminum Oxide Spiral Band is great for removing parting lines, tiny imperfections and little burrs, which could otherwise be difficult to remove with a larger abrasive disc or wheel.

Special Features
The spiral construction on Standard Abrasives™ Aluminum Oxide Spiral Band eliminates shadow marks and chatter. Aluminum oxide mineral cuts sharp but is still friable, fragmenting under heat and pressure to reveal sharp cutting edges, so you get a consistent cut throughout the life of the abrasive. Available in grades 24 to 320 grit, you can choose the right grade for your project, depending how aggressive a scratch you desire. Coarser grades, like 24, are good for heavy stock removal, whereas finer grades, like 320, are good for metal finishing and polishing.

Tips for Optimal Use
Standard Abrasives™ Spiral Bands are intended for use with rubber drums. The single ply or "single thickness" abrasive fits snugly around the drum like a glove. Compared to 2- or 3-ply thicknesses, the single ply is a bit more flexible and conformable, which makes it a good match for contoured surfaces. It is important for both the drum and the abrasive to have the same nominal diameter to prevent skipping and bumping.

Rather than deflecting or skidding over the substrate, the Spiral Band stays in constant contact with the workpiece to swiftly rid the surface of little burrs. The maximum allowable RPM for spiral bands is the same as the maximum RPM of the drum, provided the drum and band have the same nominal diameter. Typically, the rubber drum attaches to portable drills, die grinders, straight shaft and angle grinders. The great news is, the drum requires no extra tools for band changes.

Removing contaminants from flat and contoured surfaces is smooth – in finish and operation.

Extra Details

  • Aluminum oxide mineral is friable and breaks down to reveal sharp cutting edges for a consistent cut
  • No tools required for band changes
  • Single ply abrasive is flexible and tensile, conforming to flat and contoured surfaces
  • Spiral band easily fits over rubber drums
  • Spiral construction helps eliminate shadow marks and chatter

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