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Standard Abrasives Type 27 Unitized Wheel 811821, 821 4-1/2 in x 1/2 in x 7/8 in, 5/inner 50/case 33047 Industrial 3M Products & Supplies

Sold As: 5-Pack
SKU: 7000047222
MPN: 811821
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UPC: 00051115330476
3M ID: 66000201278
5 Digit UPC: 33047
Shelf Life: 3650 Days
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
Size: 4.5 in0.5 in
Abrasive Material: Aluminum Oxide
$147.11 ($29.42 / Count)
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For stock removal and polishing on tricky areas such as internal right angles, choose our Standard Abrasives Type 27 Unitized Wheel - 800 Series for easier access and excellent results. These hard density wheels are designed with extra tough edge durability, making them a good match for heavy-duty edge deburring and stainless steel polishing applications.

Extra Details

  • 4-1/2??Type 27 center hole wheel fits 4-1/2??right angle grinder to help reach right angles on the workpiece
  • Hard density non-woven material combined with medium to coarse mineral results in superior edgework deburring and polishing
  • Harder material density and increased edge durability over 700 Series Unitized Wheels increases cut and life for heavy-duty tasks
  • Non-woven nylon strands will not melt or smear when heated, reducing potential for unwanted marks and blemishes
  • Open web is load resistant, contributing to longer abrasive service life
  • Runs clockwise and counterclockwise, allowing greater versatility when paired with tools and machines

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