150' Rescue/Descent Kit

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The Rescue/Descent Kit includes lots of extras with both descent and lifting capabilities making it ideal for rescue situations. Device provides versatility allowing for assisted or unassisted descent, featuring a lifting wheel plus integral rope belays and rope lock for added control. The upgraded assortment of accessories includes a rescue pole for pick-off rescue. Conveniently packed for secure, long-term storage with items organized in a water repellent gear bag.

Extra Details

  • Lightweight aluminum descent device with swivel carabiner
  • Device includes lifting wheel to aid in disconnection for rescue
  • Assisted or unassisted descent for added versatility
  • Dual brake pad heat-dissipating housing with 1:8.2 gear ratio
  • Bidirectional functionality allows consecutive descent
  • 2 Integral rope belays reduce descent speed
  • Built-in rope lock for added control
  • Rated for use by 1 or 2 persons for efficiency
  • Accessories included: Low stretch ANSI compliant rope with captive eye Carabiner for harness connection 3' Reinforced cross arm strap anchor 36 Rope protector for increased longevity Telescoping pick-off pole adjusts from 4-18' Rescue pole head holds

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