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3M 100 Series Bag Filter BAG-124A, 70-0202-3738-7, 2.5 um, 7 in x 32in, 1/Case 21505

SKU: 7100007394
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UPC: 50016145215051
3M ID: 70020237387
5 Digit UPC: 21505
Country of Origin: Mexico
Manufacturer: 3M
$57.60 each
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We construct 3M 100 Series High Performance Liquid Filter Bags using polypropylene microfibers that allow very fine particle capture at high efficiencies. With over 90% particle removal efficiency at their suggested application rating, our Series 100 filter bags offer an excellent balance of high efficiency with very low initial pressure drop and an effective alternative to filter cartridges.

Extra Details

  • 3M 100 Series Liquid Filter Bags can adsorb unwanted trace oils that frequently occur in processed fluids
  • 3M100 Series Liquid Filter Bags have a high contaminant holding capacity
  • 90% particle removal efficiency at suggested application ratings
  • Manufacturing processes do not include the use of silicone or adhesives
  • These filters are constructed of FDA CFR-21 Listed Materials

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