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3M Betapure AU Series Filter Cartridge, AU30W11NN EXP 30IN, 160um(abs), 150um(nom), DOE, 25 per case 67209

Sold As: 25-Pack
SKU: 7100276702
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UPC: 06943823672099
3M ID: XA006474481
5 Digit UPC: 67209
Manufacturer: 3M
Country of Origin: China
$2,047.58 ($81.90 / Count)
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We offer the Betapure AU Series Filter Cartridge in various grades for absolute reduction ratings. The controlled pore size of the filter matrix provides absolute distinction between cartridge grades for accurate and consistent filtration. Our filter design provides precise contaminant reduction, consistent effluent quality and superior on-stream service life for a wide-range of applications.

Extra Details

  • Excellent reduction of deformable contaminants for consistent effluent quality
  • Gasket design reduces by-pass from poor to damaged seals
  • Low pressure drop provides long service life while using smaller filter housings
  • Rigid structure provides consistent and reproducible contaminant reduction
  • Rigid structure reduces cartridge by-pass and unloading for consistent filtration throughout product lifecycle

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