Industrial 3M Products & Supplies 3M Cold Shrink Quick Splice Low Voltage QSLV-M 2-500, Non-shielded, 1kV, Bulk, 50/Case 57269

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3M Cold Shrink Quick Splice Low Voltage QSLV-M are open-ended tubular rubber sleeves with sealing mastic on each end which are factory expanded and assembled onto a unique three-core system. Two cores, one on each end, are removed after the QSLV-M insulator has been centered over an inline connector, allowing the ends of the tube to shrink and form a water-resistant seal. The third, center segment of the core remains inside the cold shrink tube, acting as a support structure. Sizing of the cores and tube, along with the sealing mastic on each end, is designed to accommodate the variance in connectors and connector crimping techniques and final dimensions without degrading the seal and insulating characteristics of the EPDM rubber tube, while also making core removal easy. Two diameter sizes will cover a range of 1 kV or less cable from 8 AWG through 1000 kcmil for copper and 8 AWG through 500 kcmil for aluminum conductors with crimped connectors. In aerial applications where intense UV radiation will be common and visual inspection is not possible, it is recommended to overwrap the tubing with Scotch Super 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape or Scotch Self-Fusing Silicone Rubber Electrical Tape 70. Note: Insulator may be used on cable sizes outside of the recommended range provided both cables are within the insulation O.D. range, and the connector meets the dimensional requirements shown in the table.