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3M Diamond Dressing Tools, Rolls, Discs DSD, 5/8X2 GIDCO/FOULKESTRUEING TOOL - MMMF1912 2291

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Specially constructed with a proprietary alloy, the 3M DSD Truing Tool performs precision shaping of resin-bonded diamond and CBN wheels. This tool helps operators obtain the smoothest, most precise wheel performance possible by bringing balance and even surfaces back to the wheel after repeated use. It trues straight ODs, angles, or sides of these wheels without requiring the use of a coolant.

Facilitates Effective Truing of Superabrasive Wheels
As operators know well, truing and dressing abrasive wheels are crucial to their performance. The 3M DSD Truing Tool helps operators save time and maximum wheel performance by making the truing process easier and more accurate.

While dressing sticks typically rid the wheel of debris and refresh the abrasive grain to avoid glazing and maintain sharpness, our DSD Truing Tool helps operators shape and dress the wheel in one step so that it runs smoothly and consistently. When the wheel is out of balance and starts to wobble, proper shaping restores concentric balance, meaning the wheel surface is precisely concentric with the spindle. Moreover, a truing tool brings the wheel back to its original shape with even surfaces. A concentric, precisely shaped wheel eliminates wobbling or shaking at high speeds and results in smooth, precise performance and consistent finishes.

Making the Most of Your Truing Tool
For optimum performance, securely position the 3M DSD Truing Tool with a 3M Holding Block (sold separately). Used together, the truing tool and compatible holding block ensure more uniform contact and pressure, allowing operators to swiftly and effectively true their abrasive wheels with consistent, precise results.

We offer four sizes of truing tools for use on wheels of varying widths:

  • 1/4" tool – Use on diamond or CBN wheels with up to 1/4˝ width
  • 3/8" tool – Use on diamond or CBN wheels with up to 3/8˝ width
  • 1/2" tool – Use on diamond or CBN wheels up to 5/8˝ width
  • 5/8" tool – Use on large wheels including centerless (use on O.D. of the tool)

When the tool is in use, it is necessary to engage a moderate to fast tool feed to eliminate unnecessary tool wear. Running the truing tool at too slow a speed will wear the tool without properly modifying the wheel. An active sparking interface between tool and wheel is the desired effect. Likewise, the appropriate wheel downfeed must be set for successful shaping, and is determined by the hardness and grit size of the wheel. See the tool instructions for tool positioning, recommended downfeeds, and directions for centerless wheels.

Important Safety Precautions
The use of grinding wheels requires extra safety precautions, and this applies when using truing tools as well. We recommend that operators always wear eye protection and use good grinding practices regarding ventilation.

An Important Task
Truing and dressing are important maintenance processes required to keep expensive superabrasive grinding wheels cutting consistently. These applications also help you extend the lifespan of your superabrasive wheels and protect the grinding tools that run them. Recently trued and dressed grinding wheels have fresh cutting edges that grind quickly and evenly on metal surfaces, which increases throughput and improves quality. Thus, effective truing and dressing should be an integral part of any workshop that uses superabrasive wheels regularly.

Extra Details

  • Available in 1/4, 3/8, 5/8, and 1/2 inch diameters to suit wheels of similar thickness
  • Eye protection is necessary to ensure operator safety
  • Made with a strong proprietary metal alloy excellent for truing superabrasive resin bond diamond and CBN wheels
  • Must be used without coolant
  • Use with 3M Holding Block (sold separately) for mounting
  • Will effectively true straight ODs, angles, side walls, and even centerless grinding wheels

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