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3M High Temperature Paint Masking Film 7300, Translucent, 5 in x 1500 ft, 3.4 mil, 6/Case

Sold As: 6-Pack
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UPC: 00021200554872
3M ID: 70016099627
5 Digit UPC: 55487
Shelf Life: 365 Days
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
Size: 5 in
Thickness: 3.4 mil
Color: Translucent
$692.14 ($115.36 / Count)
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3M High Temperature Paint Masking Film 7300 is designed to protect in paint applications involving temps above 310F or where bleed-through of solvents and paints may occur. This film is designed for soft flexing, provide good drape and conformability. It is excellent for two-tone, blackout and repair painting to match OEM finishes. An apron-taper best helps to dispense the film.

Higher Efficiency in Paint Masking
3M High Temperature Paint Masking Film 7300 is a high performance, high temperature masking film that is superior to standard masking paper in its conformability, as well as its prevention bleed-through and fiber contamination. It is often used in power wash processes. It is designed to resist temperatures as high as 310F/155C for 1 hour, making it suitable for effective paint masking during paint booth cycles. Its soft flexing design makes it easy for wrapping contoured and curved surfaces, with good draping qualities for sufficient coverage. It is soft enough to resist scratching of clear coat and other protective layers. Its surface is engineered to resist bleed-through of solvents, enamels, lacquers and paint.

Recommended Applications

  • Automotive paint repair
  • Two-tone paint masking for automobiles, trucks, buses and boats
  • Automotive fascia paint masking

Clean MaskingSystem
3M High Temperature Paint Masking Film 7300 is compatible with automotive paints and resists paint flaking. This masking film is ideal where contamination free painting is required, and is excellent for two-tone and blackout applications. It readily accepts 3M masking tapes, and both tape and film can be smoothly dispensed together using a 3M apron taper.

Extra Details

  • Adhesive-free design helps create sharp paint lines
  • Eliminates flying fiber contamination that can occur with fibrous paper products
  • Performs reliably in temperatures as high as 310??
  • Single-wound on rolls of definitive width
  • Soft flexing design provides scratch-resistant draping and conformability
  • Typical use includes a dispensing tool

Data Sheet

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