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3M Hook and Loop Disc Face Plate, 20439, 7 in Extra Hard, 10 ea/Case

Sold As: 10-Pack
SKU: 7010360099
MPN: 7010360099
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UPC: 00051141204390
3M ID: 60440128167
5 Digit UPC: 20439
Shelf Life: 1825 Days
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
Size: 7 in
Color: Red
$371.93 ($37.19 / Count)
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3M Hook and Loop Disc Face Plate backs a 7” Hook and Loop disc (sold separately) to provide support required for surface conditioning or finishing applications. It is used in conjunction with a disc pad hub (sold separately), which attaches to the power tool and is held into place along with the appropriate disc using a disc retainer nut (sold separately).

Surface Conditioning and Finishing
3M™ Disc Pad Face Plates can be easily changed by removing the disc pad face plate from the disc pad hub; which enable the operator to use a single tool for multiple applications from grinding to finishing a work piece. Specifically, this 3M™ Hook and Loop Disc Face Plate was designed for Hook and Loop discs, typically used for surface conditioning or finishing. This disc pad face plate allows the end user to use the same tool, disc pad hub, and retainer nut, while quickly changing from grinding applications using fiber discs to surface conditioning applications using hook and loop discs, simply by changing the disc pad face plate at the same time as the abrasive product change.

Extra Details

  • Designed for use with 7 diameter Hook and Loop Discs (sold separately)
  • Extra Hard density
  • Max. RPM 8,600
  • Use with 3MDisc Pad Hubs and 3M Disc Retainer Nuts
  • Use with rotary sanders and right angle grinders

Data Sheet

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