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3M Interam Mat I-10A, 49 in x 25 ft, 1 Roll/Case

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Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
Size: 4.083 ft
$681.87 each
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3M Interam Mat I-10A is an easy-to-install heat-absorbing wrap system comprised of ceramic fiber blanket material that expands into low-density insulation blankets when exposed to high temperatures or flames. A 3-mil aluminum lamination on one side adds stability. This material is flexible and lightweight, making it easy to install and manipulate with minimal or no surface preparation.

On-Demand Fire and Heat Solutions
Tested for a full range of critical applications, 3M™ Interam Mat I-10A is an intumescent ceramic fiber blanket designed to protect against fire and act as a high temperature sealing mechanism. Part of our Interam I-10 mat series, the I-10A features a 3-mil aluminum lamination on one side for added stability – ideal for applications where precise shapes are required or for mass roll conversions. The ceramic material encased inside is designed to expand into low-density insulation blankets when exposed to high temperatures or flames. This mat can be easily wrapped around complex shapes and surfaces. This feature allows them to be easily incorporated into various fire protection systems such as electrical raceway fire-breaks and fire rated roofing systems. Expose to fire will cause intumescence or expansion, thus filling openings to blow the movement of flames and retard the transfer of heat. The intumescent characteristic of the material inside offers another unique opportunity for using mats as a high temperature sealing or mounting device. The mat's pressure of expansion can also be used to hold devices in place.

Recommended Applications

  • Cable tray fire breaks
  • Fire rated roofing
  • High temperature gasketing and sealing applications
  • Industrial furnace seals
  • Wood stove catalytic converter mounting device

Easy to Cut, Manipulate, Install and Inspect
3M™ Interam Mat I-10A is lightweight, flexible and easily cut to the desired size and shape. The aluminum lamination on one side makes for more precise cutting and processing for irregular spaces. Custom die cut parts are available to simplify installation of gaskets or other uniquely shaped components. Installation is fast and easy, even on complex shapes and around corners - making this an ideal product for retrofit applications in the field. The mat is easy to clean and requires no maintenance when properly installed. It is re-enterable and easy to inspect, simply unwrap the mat, inspect the component and re-wrap.

Extra Details

  • 3 mil aluminum lamination adds stability for precise cutting, converting and installation
  • Allows heat dissipation in unexpected state
  • Ceramic fiber based materials expand for low-density insulation to high temperatures or flames
  • Easy to install and no surface preparation is required
  • Flexible, conformable mats incorporate easily into various fire protection systems
  • Lightweight mats are easily cut to desired sizes and shapes

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