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3M Motor Spacer 87116

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The 3M Disc Sander Replacement Parts extend the utility of your 3M Disc Sander. These optional accessories enable more versatile use of your sander and are specifically designed for your 3M Disc Sander to guarantee that you get a part that fits perfectly and holds tight.

High Quality Parts Keep Your Tools Running Strong
At 3M, we design tools to last, which means paying attention to every detail of the tools you use daily. We use only high quality materials, and make each part available for replacement so that your tool lasts as long as you need it. From screws and sockets to motors, springs and gears, every part is here. So don’t scrap a tool you love. Save yourself time and money by ordering just the parts you need instead.

The Specifics
Housing Cover 28573 is a replacement cover for 0.3 HP Disc Sanders – 3M Disc Sander 28328 and‎ 3M Disc Sander 28341.

Additional accessories may be available. Replacement parts for specific 3M sanders are sold separately.

You Can Count on 3M Abrasives
At 3M, we pay attention to every detail of the abrasive process, from discs to tools to all the accessories in between. Our specially designed replacement parts and power tool accessories belong to a long line of high-quality abrasive products developed by 3M to help businesses like yours operate faster, better and more efficiently.

Extra Details

  • 3M Housing Cover 28573 is a replacement part for 3M 0.3 HP Disc Sanders
  • Extend the utility of your sander with high quality replacement parts designed specifically for 3M Disc Sanders

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