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3M NVH Dampening Material, 04274, 200 mL Cartridge, 6 per case

Sold As: 6-Pack
SKU: 7100004038
MPN: 7100004038
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UPC: 00051131042742
3M ID: 62327538302
5 Digit UPC: 4274
Shelf Life: 365 Days
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
Size: 6.75 fl oz
Color: - Transparent - Black
$344.31 ($57.38 / Count)
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3M NVH Dampening Material is a flexible urethane adhesive-type material for replacing and re-installing factory NVH sealants and foams. This two-part material can be used to coat existing foams before reinstallation of outer body panels, or to fill thin gaps where foam cannot be used. Great for overhead or vertical surfaces, it cures to a flexible yet firm state and affords a 60-minute worktime.

Reduces Noise, Vibration and Harshness in Vehicles
For collision repair jobs where minimizing NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) is important, our 3M™ NVH Dampening Material is an excellent complement to flexible or pillar foams and factory dampening materials. This two-component material applies smoothly and easily between roof skins and roof bows, door skins, door intrusion beams or other areas using non-structural type foam materials. Unlike many seam sealers, this material goes in soft yet remains very sturdy, allowing for expansion and contraction of automotive sheet metal.  Yet it has no solvents so it won’t shrink and pull the metal in after installation. It minimizes application time and cleanup – it applies right from the cartridge without added mixing time, and provides up to a 1” thick layer of flexible material on vertical and overhead surfaces.

3M™ NVH Dampening Material is especially useful for thin openings such as truck door skins, where installing new foam can become time-consuming – simply coat the existing integrally bonded foam instead of replacing it. Or, install dampening material by itself where foam cannot be used.

The Science of Better Collision Repair from 3M
3M has long been developing new ways to apply science to the lives of professionals in a range of industries including collision repair. Our 3M™ NVH Dampening Material is a great example – decades of knowledge in a product that delivers better results in time and quality even for the most specific jobs. Very simply, it’s the right product at the right time for applying foams and other NVH products. So you can get the most value and customer satisfaction from your entire operation.

Extra Details

  • Can be applied up to 1??thick to vertical and overhead surfaces with minimal drip
  • Excellent for thin gaps where foam cannot be used or easily replaced
  • Non-solvent formula won??? shrink after installation
  • Provides 60-minute worktimes to help ensure accurate installation
  • Soft, sturdy, non-shrink formula stops vibration and reduces noise between panels, braces and intrusion beams

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