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3M Paper Roll 366UZ, P320 F-weight, 55 in x 250 yd, 1 ea/Pallet

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3M Paper Roll 366UZ combines a heavy F-weight backing with aluminum oxide mineral for effective hand sanding and finishing as well as use on drum sanders. It cuts well, but still delivers the fine finish industrial professionals seek when finishing parts like wood panels and composites.

Designed for Wide Belts and Drum Sanders
We engineered 3M Paper Roll 366UZ with an F-weight backing and aluminum oxide mineral, because it strikes a balance between strength and durability. F-weight paper backings are some of the heaviest among paper backings, equating to enhanced durability and smooth running. It prevents the abrasive from wearing down too quickly and helps it maintain its shape moving over edges and contours. Aluminum oxide mineral cuts cleanly and leaves a finish suitable for many applications. Aluminum oxide cuts aggressively without gouging or marring the substrate.

Static-Resistant Coating Minimizes Debris
3M Paper Roll 366UZ features a static-resistant treatment, designed to reduce static cling and the build-up of dust particles. Altogether, the static-resistant treatment prevents the mineral from getting clogged and wearing down prematurely, enhancing abrasive longevity. Featuring a closed coat construction, mineral on 3M Paper Roll 366UZ covers 100% of the backing. Closed coat abrasives are good for final finishing and polishing, as they typically leave better finishes than open coat abrasvies.

Tackle Tough Areas
This roll may be cut to shape to meet project needs and to fit a variety of hand blocks or hand pads. Using abrasive accessories like these is beneficial for a few reasons. First, it allows pressure to be more evenly applied to the work surface. Second, it can enhance overall operator comfort and minimize fatigue. Roll 366UZ is available in a range of grades, so operators can choose the right grade for their application. It's often a good idea to choose the least aggressive grade that will work to start with and work up from there, so as not to gouge or mar the substrate. Overall, 3M Paper Roll 366UZ is good for delivering fine finishes.

Extra Details

  • Aluminum oxide mineral cuts sharp without severely gouging the workpiece
  • Available in a range of grades, so operators can choose the right grade for their application
  • Closed-coat construction contributes to fine finishes
  • Roll may be cut and shaped to fit a variety of hand tools
  • Strong F-weight backing enhances abrasive durability

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