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3M Plastic Sheeting, 06723, 12 ft x 400 ft, 1 per case

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5 Digit UPC: 6723
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
Size: 12 ft
Color: Transparent
$41.23 each
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Wide plastic sheeting engineered with static cling, 3M Plastic Sheeting enables one person to quickly and efficiently mask a vehicle. The clear, high density film provides effective paint protection and is tear-resistant yet easy to cut around the work area. Specially treated for high paint adhesion, the sheeting effectively captures paint overspray to prevent contaminating the repair.Easy Placement and Broad Coverage: When painting panels, avoid unnecessary cleanup work by protecting other areas of the car from the mess. Use 3M Plastic Sheeting, designed to provide thorough auto body coverage with quick efficiency. Engineered with the right amount of static for effective cling and featuring center printing to help with alignment, this roll of plastic sheeting is easy to handle so an operator can cover the vehicle single-handedly. The cling helps with placement, makes it easy to cut with maximum speed and accuracy, and enables easy finishing off with narrow masking tape. Outstanding Adhesion Captures Paint Flecks: 3M Plastic Sheeting not only offers greater coverage and ease of use, but uses advanced technology to provide excellent paint adhesion. We specially treated the film to ensure paint adhesion of both solvent and waterborne paints, preventing overspray flecks from making their way onto a fresh paint job, and maintaining a cleaner work environment. Cost-Effective, Superior Alternative to Paper: As a lower cost alternative to our standard 3M Overspray Protective Sheeting and Clear Masking Films, this plastic sheeting roll offers a cost-effective choice for many basic repairs that don't require high heat. If you typically use paper for masking, you will appreciate the superior efficiency of our plastic sheeting. We offer this masking film in a standard width of 4m/12ft to cover cars, as well as a 5m/16ft width to accommodate larger sedans, mini- vans, small pick-up trucks, and SUVs. Used with 3M Overspray Protective Sheeting Masker 06780 (sold separately), it can be dispensed either vertically or horizontally. 3M Science. Applied to Life: Airborne paint can ruin a repair, and plastic sheeting not only masks areas outside the repair, but prevents flecks from finding their way onto fresh clear coat or paint. Featuring precise levels of static cling and paint adhesion, 3M Plastic Sheeting is an excellent example of how 3M engineers apply scientific technology to increase productivity in automotive repair.

Extra Details

  • 3M engineered static cling makes the film easy to handle so one person can quickly cover the vehicle
  • Can be converted into shapes and configurations to fit OEM and Tier application needs
  • Center printing helps with alignment
  • Choose from 12 ft / 4m width for cars and 16 ft / 5 m width for wider vehicles
  • Dispenses vertically or horizontally from 3M Overspray Protective Sheeting Masker 06780 (sold separately)
  • Global portfolio, technical expertise help ensure you choose the right solution to meet your goals
  • High-density, tear-resistant, durable polyethylene sheeting/film masks car from paint overspray and other contaminants during repairs
  • The film is easy to cut so the required area can be removed with maximum speed and accuracy
  • Treated to ensure maximum overspray adhesion so flecks don't contaminate fresh paint

Data Sheet

  1. Safety Data Sheet

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