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3M Roloc Diamond Cloth Disc 674W, 120 Mesh, TR, 2 in, Die R200P

Sold As: 10-Pack
SKU: 7100022116
MPN: 7100022116
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UPC: 00051125867450
3M ID: 60440295446
5 Digit UPC: 86745
Shelf Life: 1825 Days
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
Size: 2 in
Abrasive Material: Diamond
$227.91 ($22.79 / Count)
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3M Roloc Diamond Cloth Disc 674W is designed to grind and polish hard-to-grind materials, providing long-lasting, consistent results. The diamond mineral is resin-bonded to a durable, water-resistant cloth backing for dry use or with coolants. Use this diamond disc on ceramics, carbides and hard coated materials.

Durability and Long Life
3M Roloc Diamond Cloth Disc 674W lasts longer and delivers a faster, more consistent cut compared to flexible metal bond diamond sanding discs. It also generally provides a more consistent finish on ceramics, carbides and hard coated materials.

Run it Wet or Dry
While it can be run dry, you can achieve optimum results by using this diamond disc with a coolant. Water is desirable when grinding or polishing with diamond abrasives, as it generally extends the abrasive life. It can also be used with oil- and water-based lubricants for lower grinding temperatures.

3M Roloc System for Easy Power Tool Attachment
This disc features the 3M Roloc quick-change attachment system, allowing operators to easily swap between discs in multi-step processes. It also makes for quick power tool attachment, helping enhance productivity and throughput. To attach the disc, operators simply attach it to a Roloc backup pad (sold separately) and attach the backup pad to the power tool.

Extra Details

  • 3M Roloc attachment system allows for easier disc changes
  • Diamond mineral for hard-to-grind materials
  • Durable water-resistant cloth backing allows for the use of coolant, which generally extends abrasive life
  • Resin bonding allows for wet or dry use

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