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3M Scotch-Weld Low Odor Acrylic Adhesive DP8725NS, Black, 490 mL Duo- Pak, 6 Each/Case

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UPC: 00638060409688
3M ID: 62287436307
5 Digit UPC: 40968
Manufacturer: 3M
Shelf Life: 365 Days
Country of Origin: USA
$513.35 ($85.56 / Count)
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3M Scotch-Weld Low Odor Acrylic Adhesive DP8725NS is a black, non-sag, low odor, two-part structural acrylic adhesive with non-flammable classification. 8725 is an improved version of 3M's low odor acrylic adhesives, providing enhanced impact strength, peel resistance, flexibility, low temperature performance and enhanced workplace safety. It has a 23 minute work life with 25 minute time to handling strength.Improved Performance in a Low Odor Acrylic Adhesive 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Low Odor Acrylic Adhesive DP8725NS demonstrates improved performance within the 3M family of highly versatile, low odor acrylic adhesives. It maintains the fast curing and minimal surface preparation of acrylic adhesives while delivering improved impact strength and reliable cold temperature performance. This adhesive also has no GHS08 Health Hazard classification. The black, non-sag, low odor, non-flammable, toughened two-part structural acrylic adhesive provides structural strength down to temperatures as low as -40°C (-40°F) and contains 250 micron (0.010 inch) spacer beads. It is non-corrosive to steel and other active metal substrates. This adhesive has a 23 minute work life with 25 minute time to handling strength. Recommended Applications Metalworking such as specialty vehicles, rail, appliances, HVAC, architectural panels and sporting goods Bonding plastics, composites and powder coats to metals Applications where cold temperature performance is essential When using a Duo-Pak (DP) size adhesive, rely on 3M dispensing equipment for convenient and accurate metering, mixing and dispensing. Easy Adhesion with Acrylic Acrylic adhesives are two-part adhesives that provide excellent bond strength and durability. Acrylic glues have several features that make them easier to use, including a much faster cure speed, higher tolerance for oily or unprepared bonding surfaces and the ability to bond a wide variety of materials, including nearly all plastics. Newer acrylic adhesive formulations are room temperature stable with a long shelf life. Bringing Better Ideas to the Surface Through Science and Innovation The 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division applies the science of adhesion to deliver innovative solutions that improve the design and manufacturing processes of companies around the world. In the end, these technologies help customers deliver competitive products to the market faster and more efficiently.

Extra Details

  • 23 minute work life
  • 25 minute time to handling strength
  • 70% elongation that provides enhanced flexibility for dissimilar material bonding
  • Bonds a variety of substrates with minimal surface preparation, including slightly oily surfaces
  • Bonds well to plastics, composites, painted surfaces, aluminum, stainless steel and active metals
  • Contains 250 micron (0.010 inch) spacer beads to control bond line thickness
  • Excellent impact and peel strength
  • Improved version of 3M low odor acrylic adhesive
  • Low temperature performance with structural strength down to -40°C (-40°F)
  • No GHS08 Health Hazard classification
  • Non-flammable classification and low odor formulation

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