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3M Trizact Cloth Roll 327DC, A300 X-weight, 4 in x 50 yd, ASO, No Flex

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UPC: 00051119176759
3M ID: CY998714331
5 Digit UPC: 17675
Shelf Life: 3650 Days
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
$3,050.75 ($508.46 / Count)
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3M Trizact Cloth Roll 327DC is designed with 3M proprietary "bricks-and-channels" aluminum oxide mineral resin-bonded to an X-weight cloth backing. A grinding aid serves to keep the workpiece cool, and its easy breakdown profile is ideal for soft metals that quickly load other abrasives in low pressure applications.

Abrasive Structure Engineered to Perform
Part of the CF abrasive family, the 3M™ Trizact™ Cloth Roll 327DC features a 3-dimensional matrix of resin and aluminum oxide mineral engineered to perform from day one until the end of the its life. In grades from A30 to A300 in convenient roll form, it is ideal for intermediate scratch refinement, dimensioning and finishing, and minor mill line and scale removal.

"Macroreplication" is the science behind the geometrical bricks-and-channels abrasive structure on this product. The abrasive bricks contain up to four times as much mineral as comparable products. As the mineral breaks down, fresh mineral is exposed at a uniform rate. Channels between the abrasive bricks reduce heat build-up and remove swarf. Its low pressure/easy breakdown profile means it resists loading when working with aluminum, zinc, brass and other softer metals.

Designed for Demanding Applications
Originally designed for intermediate finishing applications – removing casting scale and minor defects from orthopedic medical implant devices and cast or forged turbine blades –3M™ Trizact 327DC's more consistent cut and longer life in demanding applications make possible more efficient manufacturing processes and lower cost of operation in many metalworking applications.

Consistently Performs to Spec
Our 3M™ Trizact 327DC cloth roll does not need to be broken in or worked harder at the end of its life. So it’s easier to work with and its consistent performance reduces rework from out-of-spec finishes.

3M macro- and microreplication technologies allow us to design abrasives with varying shapes and formulations, to control the level of breakdown, cut, finish and life. The result is a comprehensive range of abrasives that shape, finish, and polish with ease and precision.

Extra Details

  • Bricks contain multiple layers of mineral, "channels" keep parts cleaner"
  • 3M proprietary bricks-and-channels mineral structure engineered specifically to perform effectively on hard metals and exotic alloys"
  • Grinding aid and mineral structure work together to keep workpiece cool
  • Higher, more consistent cut and finish on coarser applications may enable fewer process steps for greater productivity
  • Long product life reduces abrasive cost and inventory

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