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3M Trizact Diamond Cloth Belt 663FC, 20 Mic, 3 in x 90 in, Fabri-lok

Sold As: 2-Pack
SKU: 7100205965
MPN: 7100205965
Made to Order: Lead time from 3M is approximately 10 working days.
UPC: 00068060530295
3M ID: 60440324675
5 Digit UPC: 53029
Shelf Life: 3650 Days
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
Size: 3 in
Abrasive Material: Diamond
$2,703.10 ($1351.55 / Count)
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3M Trizact Diamond Cloth Belt 663FC represents the “next generation” in abrasive technology. It combines the predictable dimensioning of bonded wheels with the speed, consistency and ease of use of 3M abrasive belts. This unique hybrid helps you achieve a smoother finish in less time.

Designed for grinding materials to final dimension, our 3M Trizact Diamond Cloth Belts 663FC can tackle hard-to-grind materials including ceramics, carbides, chilled iron and composites. They also work well for stripping old thermal spray coating during the refurbishment process. These belts cut up to 70% faster than bonded wheels – without chatter. And because they are easy to use, even less-experienced operators can achieve consistent, effective stock removal throughout the life of the belt.

3M Trizact Diamond Cloth Belts 663FC feature a waterproof YF-weight cloth backing, which means these belts can support high-pressure tough applications when run wet or dry. The abrasive side of the belt features three-dimensional structures derived from proprietary 3M technology. Unlike conventional abrasives, which are constructed from randomly-spaced and irregular-shaped minerals, Trizact abrasives feature precisely-shaped three-dimensional structures that help deliver more consistent performance and eliminate belt-to-belt variation.

Extra Details

  • Can cut hard to grind materials up to 70% faster than bonded wheels
  • Delivers consistent grinding performance while reducing the likelihood of grinding chatter
  • Great for stock removal
  • YF-weight backing supports medium to high pressure grinding applications

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