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3M Trizact Diamond Pad Conditioner 678XATD2R, 15.84mm x 33m x 75mm core or 0.625in x 110ft x 3in core

SKU: 7100198867
MPN: 7100198867
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UPC: 00051111904220
3M ID: 60000336945
5 Digit UPC: 90422
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
$1,891.44 each
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Bringing together 3M??? know how in abrasives, ceramics and microreplication, the 3M Trizact Pad Conditioner is an innovative pad conditioner for Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) for advanced node semiconductor manufacturing.

Extra Details

  • Accurately controlled microreplicated structures
  • Consistent performance disk-to-disk and the metal-free cutting surface
  • Ideal for advanced node processes sensitive to metallic contamination
  • Precisely engineered 3D microreplicated ceramic structures coated with CVD diamond

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