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3M Trizact Film Belt 272LA, A35, Green, 2-1/2 in x 18-15/16 in

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UPC: 00051119224436
3M ID: CY998724090
5 Digit UPC: 22443
Shelf Life: 3650 Days
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
$21.86 ($4.37 / Count)
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3M Trizact Film Belts 272LA are ideal for repairing defects on glass and finishing Corian and acrylic solid surfaces. Very few processing steps are necessary to achieve high gloss and level surfaces. Uniquely structured abrasive mineral continues to stay sharp and deliver consistently outstanding results.

Cleaner, Longer Lasting Abrasive System
3M Trizact Film Belts are coated with a uniquely structured aluminum oxide mineral on a resilient film backing. Microreplication – a proprietary 3M technology – produces abrasives that start sharp and stay sharp, delivering more consistent cut and finish over their lifetime. The aluminum oxide mineral is contained in pyramid-like microreplicated features evenly distributed across a backing in a precise pattern. As the peaks of these structures wear away, fresh cutting mineral is exposed, ensuring a fast, consistent cut rate.

Greater Productivity, More Desirable Finishes
Unlike conventional abrasives, which are constructed from randomly-spaced and irregular-shaped minerals, the uniform configuration of Trizact abrasives helps deliver more consistent, predictable finishes, higher, more even rates of cut, cooler grinding and finishing temperatures, and ultimately, fewer processing steps for greater productivity.

The unique construction of Trizact abrasives requires a different grading system. Grade is defined by the average particle size in microns and begins with an “A.” Lower is finer. The 3M Trizact narrow film belt is available in A5, A10 and A35 micron grades and widths up to 26 inches.

Extra Details

  • Fewer processing steps means you save production time
  • Film backing ensures consistently finer finishes
  • Fresh cutting surfaces on abrasive mineral are continually exposed by wear, resulting in extended belt life, reducing frequency of belt changes
  • Microreplicated abrasive delivers precise, repeatable finishes and higher gloss level

Data Sheet

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