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3M Zeta Plus C Series Filter Media Disc B110410C, 10 1/4 in, 100/case 9802 Industrial 3M Products & Supplies

Sold As: 100-Pack
SKU: 7010303127
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UPC: 00016145098024
3M ID: 70020077684
5 Digit UPC: 9802
Shelf Life: 1825 Days
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: 3M
$558.26 ($5.58 / Count)
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3M Zeta Plus C Series filters are a family of advanced depth filters designed to provide optimal clarification of pharmaceutical, biological, bioprocess, cosmetic, and food and beverage fluids. Zeta Plus C Series filters are composed of inorganic filter aid, cellulose and a resin system that imparts a positive charge to the filter matrix, aiding its adsorption of negatively charged contaminants.

Extra Details

  • Allows pilot testing and scale-up with the same materials that will be used in full-scale systems.
  • Eases validation and regulatory submissions by providing vital documentation and traceability.
  • High contaminant holding capacity for economical fi ltration and reliable particle removal.

Data Sheet

  1. Safety Data Sheet

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