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3MCubitronII Vitrified Grinding Wheel 92VC T5-50x40x13-1-25x20 93DA80/80 H15VPMF601W-40M/S ANSI

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UPC: 00076308447359
3M ID: XC991452472
5 Digit UPC: 44735
Country of Origin: Austria
Manufacturer: 3M
$452.08 ($45.21 / Count)
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3M Cubitron II Vitrified Grinding Wheels 92VC are our vitrified bonded grinding wheels containing 30% precision shaped grains with geometrically defined cutting edges for conventional precision grinding applications.

Use 3M Cubitron II Vitrified Grinding Wheels - 92VC for a free cutting ability that helps to deliver a high material removal rate.

Our vitrified bonded grinding wheels provide an increased in-feed and feed rate while reducing the number of grinding passes to improve grinding operation cycle times, helping to reduce costs, and increase productivity without sacrificing quality.

Featuring 3M Cubitron II precision shaped grain (PSG) technology with self-sharpening triangular cutting edges, these grinding wheels meet high level surface finish requirements while maintaining a consistent quality level.

The abrasive provides a cool grinding effect delivering lower thermal load on workpieces, which reduces the risk of burning, even during demanding grinding conditions. Self-sharpening technology decreases the need for dressing, extending both diamond roller and conventional wheel lifetime and improving the total cost of grinding operations.

Ideal for machines with a lower spindle power - its lower PSG concentration means it suits universal and versatile grinding needs.

Extra Details

  • 93DA Minerals, Precision shaped grains
  • Better cutting ability means enhanced surface and profile quality
  • Delivers durability and efficiency with Cubitron II precision shaped grains
  • Enhanced, improved productivity thanks to much higher stock removal rate
  • Lower temperature during grinding avoids thermal damages on the workpieces
  • Reduce overall costs per part with longer intervals between dressing

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