Saf-T-Lok Adhesives & Aerosols Aerosol Dry-Moly/12 oz Fill 16 oz

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SAF-T-EZE Dry-Moly Aerosol is an air-drying, greaseless, dry film lubricant and performs as a
pre-applied anti-seize. A combination of molybdenum disulfide powder, and other solid lubricants in a high temperature binder makes Dry-Moly Aerosol is an ideal lubricant and anti-seize for a variety of applications from -100ºF to 2400ºF. SAF-T-EZE Dry-Moly Aerosol is recommended for general plant maintenance and specifically for environments where clean, dry lubricant is required. The product lubricates and protects metal parts from wear and corrosion. The greaseless finish repels dirt and dust, and does not rub off, thus making it an ideal lubricant for dirty, dusty environments, where dirt can clog and interfere with grease based lubrication.
SAF-T-EZE Dry-Moly Aerosol is resistant to water and water-based solutions. Exposure to temperatures above 300ºF will add resistance to solvents. In maintenance applications, it is an excellent choice for lubricating dry bearings, or as an “easy-off” coating to repel dirt build-up in exhaust systems. The dry finish makes it excellent for applications where repeated handling of the lubricated parts is common.