DELTA TECH INDUSTRIES Classic 5 ¾" Hi/ Lo Beam H.I.D. Headlight Kit (PAIR)

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Classic 5 ¾"" Universal Hi/ Lo HID Headlight Kit

ECE certified with 35W, 6,000k H.I.D. systems

The 1139 series is High/ Low Beam for use with a matching set of 1129s for quad-headlight vehicles. Features a classic convex prismatic lens to match the look of the old sealed beam headlights. Perfect for restoration, muscle cars and hot-rods. The lead-crystal glass lens does not oxidize (become hazy or accumulate film) like plastic lenses. Added lead enhances glass strength. Prismatic lens provides superior photo-metric light distribution. Four phase finished vacuum metalized steel reflectors improve reflection 4 to 1 next to stock. Bulb assembly protected by high-density silicone rubber boot with venting to guard against dirt and moisture.

In the box; 2 (ea) headlight assemblies, 2 (ea) H4 HID Bulbs (35W), 2 (ea) HID ballasts, 1 (ea) HID Harness, 2 (ea) Silicone boots.

***Replaces any standard 5 3/4"" headlight that uses H4 (H6024) type harness.
***Tabbed mounting points may not match the bucket for all vehicles modification may be required.

NOTE: H.I.D. Headlights are not DOT compliant and are not legal for highway use. They may be purchased strictly for off-road use such as: for Race Cars, Show Cars, UTV, ATV, Farm Equipment, Industrial Equipment or any other non-highway vehicle and for Export Market.