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Dynatron Boxed Tack Cloth, 00812, 12 tack cloths per carton, 12 cartons per case

Sold As: 144-Pack
SKU: 7100143450
MPN: 7100143450
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UPC: 00076308008123
3M ID: 60455091235
5 Digit UPC: 812
Country of Origin: China
Manufacturer: 3M
Size: 18 in
Color: Yellow
$219.83 ($1.53 / Count)
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Dynatron Tack Cloth is made with a precise blend of resins, oils and plasticizers that keep the cloth soft and tacky to ensure the cleanest surface possible for painting. This cloth removes dust and other fine particles to ensure the surface is clean for painting and refinishing.Collects Fine Dust and Particles for a Cleaner Surface: Known for being long lasting, our Dynatron Tack Cloth will not deteriorate in storage nor dry out. Our anti-static cloths remain soft and ready for cleaning surfaces. Use these cloths to collect and retain loose dust, dirt, lint and metal particles. The soft cloth will glide over delicate surfaces without scratching. (Of course, you want to be cautious about the potential of loose particles creating scratches.) Essential for Automotive Refinishing: Tack cloths are essential as part of the contamination control process where fine particles can degrade painting. We recommend our tack cloths for a final wipe down before painting or finishing to remove tiny particles hardly noticeable to the human eye. To get full use from this tack cloth, expose all tacky surfaces by refolding until all tack has been used.

Extra Details

  • Cloth picks up loose particles rather than just move them around
  • Long-lasting cloth will not dry out in storage or between uses
  • Soft cloth is gentle on delicate surfaces
  • Tacky substance attracts and retain lint, dust and other particles

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