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Filtrete Basic Dust & Lint Air Filter, 300 MPR, 311-4, 14 in x 14 in x 1 in (35.5 cm x 35.5 cm x 2.5 cm)

Sold As: 4-Pack
SKU: 7100187896
MPN: 7100187896
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UPC: 00051141322797
3M ID: 70006998739
5 Digit UPC: 32279
Manufacturer: 3M
Country of Origin: Mexico
Size: 14 in
Thickness: 1 in
$21.38 ($5.34 / Count)
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The Filtrete Basic Dust & Lint Filter attracts and captures household dust and is ideal for high-velocity equipment. For residential use only.You run a tight ship at home, from floor to ceiling -- and everywhere in between. Unfortunately, ordinary home non-electrostatic air filters aren’t super effective at capturing unwanted particles. GOOD NEWS: The unique design of the electrostatically charged Filtrete Basic Dust Air Filter attracts -- and trap --more particles from your air through your heating and cooling system, making quality control a breeze. With each cycle through the filter, your indoor air becomes a little bit cleaner.

Extra Details

  • A Dirty Filter Will Slow Down Air Flow And Make The System Work Harder To Keep You Warm Or Cool -- Wasting Energy. Sign-Up For A Filter Change Reminder Program (Www.Filtrete.Com/Changereminders) That Works For You!
  • Attracts And Captures Large Particles Such As Lint, Household Dust And Dust Mite Debris
  • Change Filter At Least Every 90 Days For Optimal Performance Of Your Heating & Cooling System Or Hvac System
  • Designed With Exclusive Filtrete Brand 3-In-1 Technology From 3M To Trap Unwanted Air Particles While Letting Cleaner Air Flow Through
  • For Residential Use Only
  • Mpr 300 Has A Rating Of Merv 5
  • Outperforms Fiberglass, Washable And Non-Electrostatic 3-Month Pleated 1 In. Air Filters For Your Furnace, Air Conditioner Or Hvac System
  • The Higher The Mpr, The More Microparticles - Such As Pollen, Pet Dander And Smoke - Your Filter Will Capture From The Air Passing Through It

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