LOCTITE PC 4400, 1.1L

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LOCTITE PC 4400 is an exterior finish, one-part clear coating for protecting, restoring and extending the life of painted surfaces.LOCTITE PC 4400 is a one-part clear coating that can be applied directly over existing paint on a vehicle to protect the paint and restore to look like-new. LOCTITE PC 4400 can be spray applied or wiped on with a pad applicator, offering excellent flow and leveling. This one-component coating also eliminates the lost time and quality risks associated with two-component coatings.

Extra Details

  • Better Protection from Corrosion: Reduces repaint cycles and surface maintenance with industry leading scratch, UV, abrasion, salt and chemical resistance to extend paint life by up to 10 years
  • Paint Restoration: When applied to faded or oxidized paint, PC 4400 makes the old paint look like-new again
  • Easy to Clean and Repellency: With both hydrophobic and oleophobic proprieties, PC 4400 repels water, dirt, oil and algae keeping the vehicle clean with quicker wash cycles
  • Overall Better Appearance: Promote brand image better with a cleaner flawless look. A better appearance will also improve the resale value of the vehicle.
  • Use LOCTITE 4401 as a matting additive and LOCTITE 4402 as an accelerator additive
  • Key applications: Agricultural Equipment, Construction, Mining, Utility Vehicles, Salt/Plow Trucks, Specialty Buses, Rail, Military, Forestry, Freight/ Delivery Trucks, Garbage Haulers, Specialty Fleet Vehicles

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