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What Types of BASF Paints and Coatings Does Strobels Supply Offer?

BASF paints and coatings are a unique and sustainable solution for manufacturers looking to advance their approach. BASF provides the heavy-duty paints and coatings needed for vehicles, buildings and more. 

Strobels Supply offers a wide variety of BASF paints and coatings. Here are just some of the BASF paints and coatings available to our customers: 

  • Normal hardener

  • Medium hardener

  • Slow hardener

  • Fast hardener

  • Basecoat hardener

  • White pearl

  • Medium reducer

  • Slow reducer

  • Fast reducer

  • Epoxy primer

  • Overall urethane hardener

  • Mormal urethane hardener

  • Acrylic primer

  • Yellow

  • Gold

  • Red

  • Magenta

  • and more! 

We currently stock more than 700 BASF paints and coatings. If you're looking for a specific BASF paint or coating, we're happy to help you find what you need. 


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