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3M Medical Tape

What Is Medical Tape Used For? 

Also known as surgical tape, medical tape is a specific type of adhesive used to hold medical bandages and other first-aid equipment in place. It has been designed to be suitable for use on the skin and to be easy to use and maneuver. 

Different from other types of tape available, medical tape can be used on damp skin and on bending or moving body parts. 

Medical tape holds together various types of bandages, including gauze and dressings. It's able to stick when firm pressure is applied, as opposed to needing something such as heat activation. Despite being designed to have excellent adhesion to the skin, it is lightweight and breathable. 

What Are the Different Types of 3M Medical Tapes?

Not all 3M medical tapes are created the same. Depending on the situation, different types of 3M medical or surgical tape may be required to ensure a safe and secure result. Here are some examples of different types of 3M medical tape: 

  • Transpore plastic tape: Transpore plastic tape can be torn in various directions, making it a flexible tape to use in high-pressure situations. It tears into various shapes and sizes and is suitable for heavy tubing. Unlike micropore tape or durapore, transpore is not latex free. Made from simple material, transpore plastic tape is widely known as being suitable for a wide range of applications. 

  • Micropore paper tape: This type of 3M medical tape has been designed to be breathable and gentle. It's usually recommended when dealing with sensitive skin. Free from latex, this paper tape contains a rayon backing that can be used to tape over the same area of skin for a firm hold. 

  • Durapore: Durapore is best used on dry skin. It's a strong tape that can conform to different body shapes, making it an ideal dressing when trying to secure bandages on moving or bending body parts. Durapore can also be used with splints and is latex-free. 

  • Blenderm: Blenderm medical tape is best used to protect wounds from outside fluids. This helps the wound stay clean and free from contamination. Designed to be waterproof and secure, this flexible tape can be useful in a variety of situations. 

What Applications Can Medical Tape Be Used For?

Medical adhesive tape has countless uses, from everyday bumps and scrapes to more serious injuries and patient care. Known for holding bandages and other medical devices in place, medical tape can be used after surgery and to hold gauze in place after sustaining a wound at home. It's also commonly used to hold needles in place. 

Medical tape can also be used to prevent sports injuries, such as preventing blisters caused by friction. It's used every single day in the medical field and is one of the most recommended first aid tools to have in the workplace and at home. 

The Importance of Choosing the Right Medical Tape

Different situations call for different types of medical or surgical tape. Depending on your situation, you may require waterproof medical tape that keeps out external fluids and protects the wound. You could also require standard tape that works on dry skin to care for a minor scrape. By ensuring you use the correct medical tape, you're able to keep the wound clean and free from infection, increasing the likelihood of healing without infection. 

It's also important to be mindful of skin conditions. As listed above, some medical tapes contain latex while others do not. Depending on the person you're dressing, it's critical to know whether or not they have any allergies before choosing your medical tape. 

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