Saf-T-Lok Adhesives & Aerosols Pure Copper Anti-Seize Aerosol 12 oz

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12 oz
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SAF-T-EZE Pure Copper Anti-Seize Aerosol is a smooth, non-separating formula
composed of lithium soap thickened grease into which is compounded very fine metallic particles of flaked copper and solid graphite lubricants and corrosion fighting inhibitors. This high performance grease and solid additives provide extreme pressure lubricating properties that prevent galling and cold welding and at the same time prevents water wash out and galvanic
pitting from electrolysis of road salt, acid rain, or salt water. It is non-hardening and has excellent oxidation and thermal stability. The particles present are inert and will not evaporate at extreme temperatures and their heat resistant qualities will prevent carbon fusion and seizure at temperatures up to 2000ºF. This anti-seize compound does not contain lead, molybdenum
disulfate or halogen compounds. Pure Copper Anti-Seize exceeds the requirements of MIL-A-907E.